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Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs. Use the list to create your own hex sign in the large, empty circle. Use symbols and colors from the list below that mean something special to you! Did you know?
When farmers from Germany migrated to southeastern Pennsylvania, they brought their unique traditions, dress, and style of art. Later on they became known as "Pennsylvania Dutch" or "Pennsylvania German." They decorated their barns with colorful patterns featuring birds, flowers, and geometric designs. One popular design was a six-pointed star. The German word for six, "sechs," sounds a lot like "hex." So, eventually the term "hex signs" became common. "Hex signs" can mean different things depending on the pictures inside. Listed below are some of the symbols, and what each is thought to mean. Crescent Moons: the seasons Birds: luck, happiness, friendship, peace Eagle: courage and vision Heart: true love, and love for others Oak leaf: long life and strength Pineapple: hospitality and welcome Raindrops: healthy crops and water Roses: luck Stars: luck, peace, love, and hope Sun: warmth and new life Tulip flower: faith and trust Wheat: abundance and goodwill Red: passion, creativity, and inner strength Orange: strength in jobs and relationships Yellow: health and love, connection to God Green: growth, life, and success Blue: peace, spirituality, and calm Violet: sacred Black: protection Brown: strength, friendship, the Earth White: purity, free energy, the moon

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