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Fire Escape Map

Fire Escape Map coloring page

About Fire Escape Map

Create a map of your house in the box to show how you would exit in case of an emergency or a fire. Draw a line from your bedroom to at least two exits from your house, such as the front door or a side door. Ask an adult to help you plan the best routes and practice the safety route together! Don't forget to draw where the smoke alarms and the fire extinguishers are located in your house. Tips for fire safety:
1. Get out of the house as soon as possible. Don't take anything with you when leaving the house. 2. If your clothes catch on fire, don't run. Stop, Drop, and Roll. Roll on the ground to put the fire out. 3. If there is a lot of smoke, crawl on the floor. The air is less smoke-filled near the floor. 4. If there is a fire, run to a neighbor's house and dial 911. 5. Ask an adult to change the smoke alarm batteries regularly.

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