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3D Checkers

3D Checkers coloring page

About 3D Checkers

Directions: 1. Cut out the checker board and glue it to a piece of thin cardboard, such as a recycled cereal box or manila folder. 2. Make checker pieces out of Model MagicĀ® modeling material, or use buttons, pieces of cereal or stones. Game Directions: Two players sit across the board from each other and place each of their 12 pieces only on the white squares closest to them. Players can only move diagonally, hopping to the next white square. Try to jump over the other player's pieces to remove them from the board. Pieces that make it to the opposite side become kings. (Players stack pieces or mark them in some way to show that they are kings.) Kings can move backwards and forwards. The winner is the player who has the last piece left on the board.

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