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How to Draw Portraits

How to Draw Portraits coloring page

About How to Draw Portraits

Use Crayola® colored pencils to draw portraits. Follow the steps to learn how to draw like a real artist! 1. The easiest way to draw portraits is to study the person before you start drawing. Look at the distance between the eyes and nose. How long is the nose? What is the distance between the nose and mouth? What shape is the face, oval, round, or square? Is the hair long or short? Ask yourself these questions as you draw. 2. To draw a self-portrait stand in front of a mirror. Keep looking up as you draw. 3. After the face is sketched, color the skin, eyes, and hair. 4. Use the grids provided to practice portraits. Use full sheets of paper to create larger portraits. 5. Practice by drawing lots of different faces. Ask your friends and family members to let you draw their portraits!

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