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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher coloring page

About Dream Catcher

1. Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers to decorate the dream catcher, feathers, beads, and shells. 2. Glue the page to a thin piece of cardboard. For example, try a recycled cereal box or file folder. 3. Cut each of the pictures out. 4. Ask an adult to help punch holes through the marked circles on the dream catcher and hanging objects. 5. Tie a string through the objects, and hang them from the dream catcher. 6. Tie a string through the top hole of the dream catcher, and ask an adult to help you hang it up. Did you know?
The Ojibway Native American tribe hung dream catchers over their beds to prevent bad dreams. They believed that the bad dreams could be caught in the net, and the good dreams would flow through. Different objects were attached to the nets to encourage good dreams.

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