How should I store Crayola Markers?

For best results, please store the following markers horizontally: 
Crayola Metallic Markers 
Crayola Project Metallic Markers 
Crayola Glitter Markers
Art with Edge 
Glitter Markers 
Art with Edge Metallic Markers 
All Crayola dry-erase markers, including Washable Dry-Erase and Visi-Max Dry-Erase Markers 
All Crayola gel markers, including Gel FX and Washable Gel Markers Crayola Window Markers 
Take Note! Dry-Erase Markers 
Crayola Project Glitter Markers
Signature Liquid Metal Craft Markers

Traditional Crayola Markers (washable and regular) should be stored vertically with the capped tip of the marker facing upward.