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Everything you need to unleash kids imaginations.

  1. Trace & Draw

    Crayola Trace & Draw

    The app plus Crayola Trace & Draw accessory that turns your iPad 2 into a safe and fun art center.

  2. Lights, Camera, Color!

    Lights, Camera, Color!

    Turn your photos into coloring pages!

  3. Crayola Face Swap

    Crayola Silly Face Swaps HD

    Take a picture of yourself (or choose one you've already taken) and put it on one of the Silly Face Swap bodies.

  4. Story Studio

    Story Studio

    Create endless stories starring you and your favorite characters.

  5. Paint & Create

    Crayola Paint & Create HD

    Paint & Create's more than 40 activities include games, puzzles, mazes, color by numbers, dot-to-dots and more.

  6. Lights, Camera, Color!

    Crayola Lights, Camera, Color! HD

    Lights, Camera, Color! drains the color from your picture and turns it into a coloring book page.

  7. ColorStudio HD

    Crayola ColorStudio HD + iMarker

    Your iPad becomes an animated world of color and discovery!