That's Me

That's Me lesson plan

Create a mini Model Magic® YOU! Think about body proportions and postures as you make a sculpture of yourself doing one of your favorite things.

  • 1.

    Look at yourself in a full-length mirror as you do different poses of yourself as you think you look doing favorite activities such as dancing, kicking a goal, and playing an instrument.

  • 2.

    Use a tape measure to measure and compare body proportions, such as arm length in relationship to head size. Think about how you will make a sculpture of yourself that reflects the true proportions of your body.

  • 3.

    Use Crayola® Model Magic to sculpt a figure of yourself engaged in your favorite activity. Optional: To make a necklace with this sculpture, poke a hole in the top with a paperclip while the Model Magic is fresh.

  • 4.

    Dry the sculpture overnight.

  • 5.

    Cover a work area with recycled newspaper. Use Crayola Washable Watercolors, Paint Brushes, Washable Markers, and/or Washable Multicultural Markers to embellish the sculpture. If desired, thread a ribbon through the hole to make a necklace. Attach ends o


  • Children depict themselves in a sculpture that reflects their body proportions and postures when they are engaged in a favorite activity.
  • Self-esteem is enhanced as students observe individual differences and similarities in their features and interests.


  • To create a pedestal base, paint a small box. Write the sculpture title, artist name, and date on the box.
  • Choose an imaginary activity for these personal sculptures, such as flying like a bird or walking on the moon.
  • Younger children, or those with some types of disabilities, might be more successful in creating sculptures of each other. The model poses in the chosen activity while the artist works. Or take photos of each child to use as a reference.