Magnificent Merlion of Singapore

Magnificent Merlion of Singapore lesson plan

What do you get when you combine a lion head with a fish tail? The Magnificent Merlion, a famous landmark in Singapore.

  • 1.

    Research information about Singapore. Find a picture of the Merlin or Merlion statue of Singapore.

  • 2.

    Use white Crayola® Model Magic® or make a light color. You can create a light color in two ways: knead the modeling material with color from a Crayola Washable Marker or blend white with another color of Model Magic.

  • 3.

    Sculpt a replica of the statue of Merlion with the body of a fish and the head of a lion. Look carefully at pictures of Merlion and make your replica as close to the original as possible.

  • 4.

    Mix Model Magic with blue and purple marker colors. Shape into waves on the bottom of the statue.

  • 5.

    Attach the statue with Crayola School Glue to the top of a small recycled box that resembles a pedestal. Cover the box with Model Magic. Dry.


  • Students research information about the fascinating and diverse city and Republic of Singapore.
  • Students research and learn about Singapore's official symbol, the monument of Merlion, with its lion head and fish tail standing more than 8 meters high.
  • Students design and build their own replica of a Merlion statue.


  • Find out more about the four major cultures of the people of Singapore, (Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European). Create other noted landmarks from this fascinating country, whose Independence Day is August 9, 1965.
  • Design a symbol that will illustrate either information about your own family or important facts about your community or country.