Magic Hat How-To

Magic Hat How-To lesson plan

Investigate environmental conditions of a desert, rain forest, or high mountain peak then design a magic camouflage hat especially for the region.

  • 1.

    Research the climate, flora, and fauna of areas such as the sun-baked Sahara, green Amazon rain forest, or frigid top of Mt. Everest. Imagine a magical hat that could transport people anywhere and allow them to watch the action there undetected.

  • 2.

    With Crayola® Scissors, cut out the front and back panels of three large brown paper grocery bags.

  • 3.

    Cover the work area with recycled newspaper. Spread Crayola School Glue diluted with an equal part of water on one printed panel. Use a small piece of recycled cardboard or a Crayola Paint Brush to spread the glue evenly. Top with another panel, add more glue, and continue alternating until all 6 layers are built.

  • 4.

    While the panels are still wet, mold the hat over a head-sized bowl (turned upside down), or drape it over your head. Secure the hat shape and size with a large rubber band or masking tape. Stuff the hat with recycled newspaper to dry.

  • 5.

    Color and decorate the camouflage hat with Crayola Washable Markers, Crayons, and/or Washable paint, Tempera Paint, and Paint Brushes. Glue on camouflage items such as pine cones, sand, or dried grass.


  • Children examine photographs of various environments and determine how they would dress to go undetected in a selected destination.
  • Students plan, design, and create camouflage hats using colors and shapes that would enable them to roam undetected.


  • Form groups of children who chose similar settings. Write a one-act play about a camouflage adventure. Create large-scale sets and reenact these imagined experiences-wearing the camouflage hats, of course. What a great presentation for an open house.
  • Study how animal markings are used for camouflage (see the Lesson Plan on Hide-N-Seek Animals). This may be especially valuable for children with special needs.
  • Compare different types of headgear worn by world explorers in various periods of history. How have hats changed? How are they similar? Make a hat-fashion timeline.