Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees

Perfect companion to regular Crayola Fabric Markers! Bright Fabric Markers let you create vivid, colorful designs – even on dark colors!

  • 1.

    What is culture? What can be learned about a culture by observing its popular trends throughout history? Can you think of something that would be iconic in the United States? What are culturally “American” things? Football, baseball, hamburgers, Mickey Mouse, and McDonalds are probably some of the things that came to mind.

  • 2.

    Look at pictures of iconic images, like a turban, the Eiffel Tower, or a four-leaf clover, with the class. What cultures do these items represent? What other examples of cultural symbols can you identify? Learning about other cultures through these objects helps us to understand those groups of people. Why is it important to understand other cultures? Research with your class to discover cultural symbols from all over the world. What symbols have historic significance? Are any symbols related to current pop culture? Make a list on the board of your findings.

  • 3.

    Graphic tee shirts often feature designs containing symbols and cultural icons that are popular. Create a stylish graphic tee design that incorporates several cultural icons representing a specific country. Refer to the list on the classroom board for ideas and inspiration!

  • 4.

    Place a sheet of paper inside a 100% cotton shirt, between the front and back layers of fabric, to prevent bleed through. Draw your design with Crayola Bright Fabric Markers, making sure you saturate the cloth. Apply several layers of color to increase the brightness of the drawing. Be creative with your graphic tee design! Imagine your shirt will be sold in stores! What can you add to make the symbols stand out? What decorative elements can you add to enhance the overall design? Stain Advisement: Fabric markers are permanent on clothing and contain colorants that may stain household surfaces. Wear a smock to protect clothing and cover your work surface. Recap markers as soon as possible and store in a horizontal position. Do not shake markers.

  • 5.

    When you are finished, ask an adult to iron your design. Set iron on cotton setting and iron on the reverse side using a back and forth motion for 4 minutes. Or place garment in the dryer for 30 minutes on the hottest setting. This will fix the color to the fabric.


  • Students define culture.
  • Students research and identify cultural symbols and icons for a variety of countries worldwide.
  • Students combine several symbols of one culture to create an original graphic tee shirt design.
  • Students discuss the importance of understanding other cultures and reflect on what can be learned about a culture through its icons.


  • Invite a guest that is originally from a foreign country into the classroom to discuss his or her culture with the students. Encourage the students to ask questions that will help them gain an understanding of the guest’s culture. What did the guest expect United States to be like based on our cultural symbols and icons?
  • Assessment: Display the graphic tees for everyone to enjoy. How many different cultures are represented? What icons and symbols were used? Are the designs eye-catching and colorful?
  • Younger students and those with special needs may benefit from drafting their designs on paper before drawing on the shirt. Plan ahead by creating a sketch with Crayola Colored Pencils. Erase and make adjustments as needed until you are pleased with your drawing! Use the sketch as a guide while illustrating the graphic tee.