Building Up Books

Building Up Books lesson plan

Design an ad to convince classmates to read a wonderful book! Create a market for enthusiastic book reports.

  • 1.

    Read a book independently. With a small group of your classmates, meet regularly to talk about the characters, plot, setting, writing style, and other elements. Share your reactions to the book with each other.

  • 2.

    With Crayola® Erasable Colored Pencils, make a list of the most appealing features of the book. What characters seem most real? Which events are exciting? How could you convince others to read this book?

  • 3.

    Work together to create an advertisement for the book using Crayola Markers on a large sheet of paper. Choose colors, words, and images to communicate ideas that will appeal to your classmates. Be sure you include the book's title and author's name. Draw fascinating scenes or characters. Write phrases or sentences on your poster to build up your book.

  • 4.

    Display your finished ads where more students can see them. Read other groups' ads. Which books will you read next?


  • Children read and discuss books in small literature groups.
  • Students identify the highlights of the book to entice other readers.
  • Children design visual advertisements using words and images to communicate positive aspects of books they have read.


  • Create new literature groups based on responses to book advertisements. Children list books advertised and rate them in the order they wish to read them. Groups form according to book preferences and reading abilities.
  • Create radio or television commercials for books. Talk about ways commercials catch people's attention and persuade them to try products and services. Use some of the same techniques to create commercials. Write jingles to common tunes. Tape commercials t
  • Older students prepare ads or commercials for books written for younger students. What appeals to them? Why?