Make Your Own Weather

Make Your Own Weather lesson plan

Raindrops falling from dark clouds? Or a sunny day? Color, crumple, and tear a no-mess scene to show your favorite weather.

  • 1.

    Use Crayola Color Wonder™ Paper and Soft Sticks® to create a no-mess picture of the weather you enjoy most—or what is happening outside your window right now. Here is one way to show a rainy day scene.

  • 2.

    Color and tear out a Color Wonder Paper circle to make a big yellow sun. Glue the sun on a colored construction paper background.

  • 3.

    Tear several clouds from Color Wonder Paper. Crumple them up and unfold them. Color the rain clouds to look stormy—the folds will look a bit darker and add texture. Glue the clouds into your picture.

  • 4.

    Next make raindrops. Color a big area of blue with Soft Sticks. Tear it into tiny raindrops. Glue them falling from the rain clouds.

  • 5.

    Complete your picture with a rainbow, grass, flowers, or even yourself with your umbrella. When the glue is dry, display your picture. What weather did the other children in your group choose?


  • Children observe clouds, precipitation, wind, and other outdoor conditions to notice changes in the weather.
  • Children represent one type of weather in a colorful torn-paper collage.


  • Talk about other types of weather that occur in your climate. Make snowflakes, wind storms, sleet or hail.
  • Write weather words on Color Wonder Paper and watch them appear. Use them to label the weather picture.
  • Dress up in stormy-weather clothes such as boots, mittens, furry hats, or slickers. Match what you are wearing to one of the pictures.
  • Assessment: Can children name the colors and identify shapes they used in their pictures? Have children represented one type of weather in their scenes?