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Crayola Colour Alive

Crayola Colour Alive changes colouring forever by blending traditional colouring with a virtual experience. With a special effects marker and free app, kids can colour the pages, scan them and watch as their creatures come to life and interact on their devices with the free Colour Alive app.


 Colour Alive Mythical Creatures  Colour Alive Enchanted Forest  Colour Alive Barbie          


Colour Alive comes with 16 action colouring pages full of either fire-breathing dragons, wizards, and other mystical creatures, fairies and magical woodland creatures or Barbie and her friends. 

Product Content:

Six Crayola Markers, one Special Colour Effects Marker, 16 Action Colouring Pages and Free Colour Alive app download.

Special Marker Activates Colour Effects

Children can use the included Fire Breath/Pixie Dust/Show Stopper marker to unlock the special colour effects. Wherever kids colour on the action colouring pages with the special effects marker, the special effect will appear within the app.

Special Effects
Colour Alive Selfie

Colour and Save Creations

The Colour Alive app interface is easy to understand, allowing kids to colour and save their creations. Once a creature is saved, kids can access it again later without the colouring page. They can also take photos and selfies with their mythical creations in real world surroundings.

For more fun, collect all the action colouring books and special effects markers: Barbie, Mythical Creatures, and Enchanted Forest.


 Colour Alive App


How to Bring a Page to Life

Follow instructions in the Color Alive app to enter Play Mode. (The view from the device camera will be on screen)


 Colour Alive- How to Scan A Page



For best results, hold your device parallel to the coloring page. Make sure you can see the whole page in your view screen. In a few moments, the app will recognize the page. You will see a “4D” button floating above the page and another at the bottom of the screen.




If you don’t see the 4D buttons , move your device closer or further away from the page and let the camera re-focus each time. Or try moving to a well-lit area to help the camera see the details on the page. If the 4D button s still do not appear, check to make sure your internet connection is working.

Tap either “4D” button. A blue bar will appear at the top of the screen as the character comes to life. (The first time you scan each page, data downloads to your device and may take longer depending on your internet connection speed.)



Once the page comes alive, you can move away from the page and view your device to see the character from any angle. Tap the character to animate it or pinch/zoom to resize it. Tap and drag to move it around, even off of the coloring page. Quick movements may cause the character to disappear. If this happens, bring the page into your view screen and tap the 4D button again.



























 Colour Alive App

How to Unlock the Special Effect Colour

Follow instructions in the Colour Alive app to enter Play Mode.

(The view from the device camera will be on screen)

 Scan your Marker With the Special Effects Colours, you can unlock additional ways to bring your coloring to life virtually. The Special Effects Colours are not required to bring a page to life

Unlock a special effect color at any time in Play Mode (when you are seeing the view from the camera). Lay your special effect marker on a flat surface with all 3 colour names facing up.

 Scan Your Marker 2 Bring your device close to the marker so that it fills most of the screen. If the image seems blurry, you maybe too close. Try moving your device away slowly to allow the camera to re-focus.
 Scan your Marker 3 As soon as the app recognizes the colour names, a message appears telling you that the effect has been unlocked.

If this does not happen in a few seconds, rotate the marker slowly to make sure all 3 names are in the view screen. Or, try moving to a well-lit area to help the camera see the details. If the message still does not pop up, check to make sure your internet connection is working.

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