Left Doodads Right Doodads

Doodle Delirium

3,2,1 Draw

Scribble Scramble

Doodle Delirium

Be the first around the board by modelling, doodling and folding words for your team to guess against the clock. Steal from other teams in All Play rounds then finish with a double challenge.

Model Madness

Can your team-mates guess what you’re making out of clay? Especially if you have to spell it out or do it with one hand!

Oodle Doodle

Think you can draw? How about with your eyes closed, your wrong hand – or even someone else’s hand?

Paper Mashups

The ancient art of origami reimagined. Fold, rip, scrunch or add detail with a pen – just get your team to guess!

Scribble Riddles

Scribbles meets pop culture – draw famous sayings or songs for your team to guess.

Hilarious fun for ages 8 and over, Doodle Delirium! Brings out the best in all amateur creatives.

Download instructions here!