Raising a creative person is simple and actually a lot of fun. Try to:

1. Provide children with both planned craft projects and spontaneous, single art explorations they can do on their own. Create an Art Center in your kitchen or family room so your kids can creatively express themselves.

2. Encourage children to try new, unique ways of doing things. Don't expect their artwork to look like samples others have made. Encourage kids to come up with their own ways to do crafts. Ask, "I wonder what would happen if..." to inspire their imagination.

3. Build kids' confidence in their own creative abilities. If they ask you to "make it for them," reply that you'd love to see what they create. Don't expect kids to create artwork that looks like an adult's. Children's fresh and unique styles should be valued.

4. Emphasize the enjoyment and the "process" of creating art, more than the results. The aesthetic qualities of a young child's work are not as important as the process used to create them.

5. Celebrate your children's creativity by displaying their art.