Serve creative challenges to your kids regularly. Enjoy a different creative activity each week with 52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun!

Being creative with your kids is fun, easy, and important. As hectic as life can get, be sure to do at least one creative activity each week with your kids. Stimulating your child's imagination, listening to your child's ideas, and spending time doing creative activities together are keys to their success.

1. Create an Art Center in Your Kitchen

Organize a shelf or rolling cart with kids' art supplies, and let their creativity flourish while you are nearby.

2. Turn Your Home Into an Art Gallery

Purchase inexpensive frames and hang your kids' creations around the house. Tape some drawings on the ceiling above the kids' beds to inspire their dreams.

3. Inventors Create

Gather recycled materials, such as old shoes, worn out clothes, buttons, and paper towel rolls. Gather craft supplies, such as Crayola Model Magic, Crayola Markers, and Crayola Glitter Glue. Have your child combine these items to create new inventions-identify a problem and construct the solution.

4. Pass-Along Story

Have your child create a multi-page illustrated storybook. Start with a title and cover page. Then pass the book along to another family member, who will write and illustrate the first page. Continue to pass the book around, giving each family member several chances to see what has been added and bring a new twist or turn to the plot.

5. Our Favorite Recipes

Think about your family's favorite foods. Have your child write a recipe book, illustrated with pictures that show how much of each ingredient is needed. Make photocopies to share with relatives.

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