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Easy Animator

Kids can make their own animations with the Crayola Easy Animator. Using the included 30-page booklet, they can colour in characters and backgrounds, then scan them into the animation studio using the FREE Easy Animator app. Once characters and backgrounds are loaded into the app, kids can make their characters move using a poseable mannequin, in a process similar to stop-motion animation, but much faster and easier.

The app works with iOS and Android devices; just check the Crayola website, www.crayola.com/appcheck for specific device compatibility.

Pack Contents:

- Poseable mannequin, mannequin stand, device stand, 30-page design book, 12 Twistables Coloured Pencils, and Easy Animator app.

Creative Way to Make and Share Animations

The Crayola Easy Animator helps kids make their own animations quickly and easily. Kids simply colour characters and backgrounds from the included animation studio booklet and scan them with a smartphone or tablet. The characters and backgrounds then appear on the device screen, ready for kids to animate.

Bring Characters to Life

The Easy Animator leaves kids in charge of the animating. A poseable mannequin lets kids control the movements of their character, using tracking markers to recognize different poses.

Faster and Easier than Traditional Stop Motion

Creating animations by using the Crayola Easy Animator mannequin is similar to the stop-motion animation process, but much quicker and simpler. The animation studio uses Smooth Action Technology to seamlessly stitch together poses from the mannequin. This technology helps kids to create animated movements with fewer poses while still accurately capturing the desired action.

Choose from a Variety of Backgrounds and Characters

The Crayola Easy Animator provides kids with 10 characters and five backgrounds to choose from and colour in. Kids can also use backgrounds from their own world, like their room or yard. Just load a picture of the desired background into the app to animate characters in that setting.

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