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Glitter Dots Keychains

About Glitter Dots Keychains

Kids love to play with glitter but traditional glitter play with loose glitter and glue is messy. It sticks to everything, it gets everywhere, it is difficult to clean up and produces waste. It's time to rethink glitter arts and crafts projects with Glitter Dots! Crayola Glitter Dots offer fun glitter play in a less messy way! . Glitter dots deliver all the sparkle but not all of the mess making them the perfect solution for both mums and kids.

Glitter Dots are an innovative glitter-infused dot that sticks to a variety of surfaces to make sparkly designs. The glitter is contained in each dot--no spills or sticky glue! Simply squish to create! Makes a great gift for creative and crafty girls and boys.

Press dots into the included key chain charms to add colour and sparkle then proudly add to your key chain or use the included ring!

Contents: 42 glitter dots, 3 keychains and lids, 3 keyrings and clips, 3 clasps and string, clay tool, 20 beads and instruction sheet.

Ages 5+

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Glitter Dots Keychains

Glitter Dots Keychains

Fun glitter play in a less messy way!

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