Sports Writer

Sports Writer lesson plan

Create a fictional sports magazine featuring you or a famous sports legend on the cover.

  • 1.

    Research major events in sports history, policies, and movements that have enabled athletes to achieve their dreams. Identify various heroes and heroines throughout the history of sports programs.

  • 2.

    Design your own sports magazine. Use Crayola® Colored Pencils on white paper to design a cover illustration focusing on a specific sports hero of the past or yourself as a sports hero of today or the future.

  • 3.

    Outline illustrations with dark Crayola Markers. Add a catchy title and cover story headlines.

  • 4.

    Compile information you researched into articles for your magazine. Use markers and colored pencils to illustrate each article.

  • 5.

    Add a thin line of Crayola School Glue to the left margin of each page to glue each page to the previous page.

  • 6.

    Design an advertisement for your own sports history museum for the back cover. Use markers and colored pencils to illustrate the building and the memorabilia visitors can see inside.


  • Students research the roles of individuals, groups, and institutions in sports history.
  • Students create fictional sports magazines to demonstrate an awareness of the uniqueness of individuals and appreciation of themselves as athletes.
  • Children write and illustrate magazine articles and ads that reflect the information they gathered.


  • Interview local sports figures, and create magazines or posters about their achievements. Ask them to teach their skills to the class. Children with limited language skills or special needs might take photographs, use tape recorders, or dictate their stor
  • Find out about Title IX legislation as part of the observance of National Girls and Women in Sports Day on February 7. Create magazines focused on the history of women in sports. Nominate women athletes for honor awards, illustrate award winners on front
  • Small groups of students choose different national teams (basketball, field hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, rowing, softball, track and field, and volleyball). Work together to create magazines focused on the history of the sport and the role national teams play in international competitions. Divide responsibilities and partner to revise and edit articles.