Double Dare Addition!

Double Dare Addition! lesson plan

Play a cool double dare game! Figure out addition doubles with your classmates on dry-erase boards.

  • 1.

    Finding addition doubles is an especially mind-bending math challenge. What’s an addition double? When two of the same numeral are added together, your sum is called an addition double. For example, 8 is an addition double because 4 + 4 = 8.

  • 2.

    Here’s one way to play Double Dare Addition. Each player uses an individual dry-erase board with a Crayola® Dry-Erase Marker. Your teacher can get the class started, and then maybe you or a classmate could lead the game. The leader says the sum of an addition double (such as 4).

  • 3.

    All players write the addition double that makes up that sum (2 + 2). Volunteer to share your answer. Erase with a tissue and play again. Repeat with different doubles until everyone can solve LOTS of problems.


  • Children apply basic number concepts and computation skills while engaging in an enriching group activity.
  • Students demonstrate their knowledge of addition using a medium that enables everyone to show their solutions for immediate assessment.


  • Play Double Dare Addition in small groups. Make the problems more and more difficult! How high can you go?
  • Add basic geometry to the activity to create a new dimension. Draw basic shapes (such as a square) to represent the double in the addition problem.
  • Assessment: Assess students’ understanding of the mathematical concepts by playing the game both forward and in reverse [provide students with the double (2 + 2) and ask them to come up with the solution (4)]. These variations help you observe each student’s computation and problem-solving skills.
  • Assessment: Observe each student’s solution and response time to tailor future learning experiences accordingly.