Computer Careers Cube

Computer Careers Cube lesson plan

Imagine yourself as a computer engineer, a Web master, or in some other exciting computer career. Explore the possibilities!

  • 1.

    Research the various jobs that are available in the field of technology. Explore the importance of technology for various occupations. Choose several careers involving computers that might be of interest to you.

  • 2.

    Using white paper, draw six large circles with Crayola® Colored Pencils. Within each circle draw a square whose corners all touch the sides of the circle. Cut out the six circles with Crayola Scissors.

  • 3.

    Inside the squares, draw pictures of and/or describe jobs with computers or technology.

  • 4.

    Fold the lines forming each square upward. Place one circle face down on its edges. Select one edge from each of four other circles and glue them to the edges of the circle facing down with Crayola Glue Sticks.

  • 5.

    Glue one edge to its adjoining edge to form a square. Attach the remaining circle's edges to the four edges that remain to form your cube.


  • Students recognize the importance of technology in today's world.
  • Students understand the numerous and varied jobs available in the technology industry.
  • Students construct a three-dimensional cube depicting computer jobs of interest to them.


  • Write a detailed description of each job depicted on the cube. Explain why you are interested in it, what the responsibilities are, what educational preparation is needed, and opportunities for employment.
  • Share information in an oral presentation to the class, or to another group of students, about the computer career that most appeals to you.
  • Discuss the many fields for which technology and computers are essential, from the fast food industry to the space program. Are there any careers that do not use computers in some way? How do you think this may change in the future?