Chinese Dragon Puppet

Chinese Dragon Puppet lesson plan

Parade with a one-of-a-kind Chinese Dragon puppet. Celebrate Chinese New Year, the country’s literature, or other aspects of this ancient culture.

  • 1.

    Find the significance of dragons in Chinese culture. See how dragons are depicted in Chinese literature, culture, and festivals. Here’s one way to make a puppet based on your findings.

  • 2.

    Using Crayola® Model Magic®, form a dragon head about as large as your fist. Poke holes in the back of the head for your fingers.

  • 3.

    With contrasting colors of Model Magic, add facial features to the dragon such as eyes, eyebrows, ears, nose, horns, and fangs. Air-dry the dragon head at least 24 hours.

  • 4.

    Cover your art area with white paper. With Crayola Scissors, cut enough plain white 100% polyester fabric to cover your lower arm. Draw a Chinese pattern on the fabric with Crayola Fabric Crayons.

  • 5.

    To make an ironing pad, place white paper or newspaper over an iron-safe surface. Place fabric on ironing pad. Top design with white paper.

  • 6.

    <STRONG>Ironing should be done by an adult in a well-ventilated area</STRONG>. Set iron on synthetic. Press design with slow steady pressure for 1 to 2 minutes. Lift iron to move it. Hold paper in place to prevent blurring. Remove paper carefully. For bri

  • 7.

    Using Crayola School Glue, attach fabric to your dragon’s head. Air-dry before performing or parading with your puppet.


  • Students research information about Chinese people, their customs, literature, and holidays.
  • Students understand why the dragon is a very important symbol for the Chinese.
  • Students create an original Chinese dragon puppet.


  • Fabric designs can also be drawn (in reverse) on white paper and ironed on fabric using the process outlined.
  • Create the puppet with Crayola Fabric Markers on 50/50 cotton/polyester. There’s no need to heat set it because the puppet will not be laundered. Younger students and those with special needs may find these markers easier to use.
  • Invite a Chinese person to discuss their New Year’s celebrations and other aspects of Chinese culture.
  • Research the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which is also celebrated in cities around the world. Design a replica of a dragon racing boat with Crayola Model Magic.