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Make a Dreidel

Make a Dreidel coloring page

About Make a Dreidel

1. Color the Dreidel. 2. Cut it out. 3. Fold the shaded area, and glue or tape it together as a cube. 4. Ask an adult to help you puch holes through the dotted circles. 5. Insert a short, sharpened pencil throught the round holes. How to play:
1. In case of pencil marks, play on a surface that is easy to clean. 2. Use either coins or gold wrapped chocolate candy. Every player gets an equal amount to start. Each player puts one piece in the middle of the table. This becomes the "pot." 3. Each player takes a turn. If the dreidel stops on the letter Nun, win nothing and lose nothing. If the dreidel stops on the letter Gimel, take everything in the pot. If the Dreidel stops on the letter Heh, take half the pot. If the Dreidel stops on the letter Shin, add a coin to the pot. 4. When one player has all the objects, that person wins!

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