Partners in School

Partners in School lesson plan

Social skills are an important ingredient for school (and life) success. Create Partners in School accordion books to record your class’s key school success skills.

  • 1.

    Some of the most important skills you learn in school are the ones that help everyone get along. They make your classroom a great place for learning. What things do successful students do? Make a list with your classmates. Your list might include <EM>listen, follow directions, ask questions, and gather materials you need for learning. </EM>

  • 2.

    Each week, choose one of the ideas on your list to concentrate on. With your teacher, decide on three steps it takes to succeed at the skill. For example, good listening might include <EM>1) look at the person who is talking, 2) be quiet, and 3) think about what the person is saying</EM>. Discuss why each step is important for being a good listener.

  • 3.

    Create a book to record your ideas for working together. Here’s a new way to make a book. Fold a large rectangular paper in half so the long sides meet. Open the fold. Fold the paper in half again, this time bringing short sides together. Open the fold. Fold the short sides of the paper in to the center. Open the folds. Your paper has fold lines separating 8 rectangular areas (two rows of four rectangles).

  • 4.

    Use Crayola® Scissors to cut along the long, center fold line (between the 2 rows of rectangles). Cut from one short side toward the other. STOP at the third short fold line so the last 2 rectangles remain connected. Bring the connected rectangles together. Then fold the remaining rectangles in and out to form an accordion book.

  • 5.

    Hold the pages together. Cut small triangles from each side to form a person (like making a chain of paper dolls). Do not completely cut away any of the four sides of the book so the pages remain connected. Cut around the head, too. Open your book—you’ll

  • 6.

    Use Crayola Colored Pencils to design the front partner page with a title and your name. Use one page in the book for each skill your class listed. Write the name of the skill and the steps for success with that skill. Add your own colorful designs around

  • 7.

    Display your books as reminders of the skills that will help you succeed in school!


  • Children identify social skills that can help them be successful in school.
  • Children fold, cut, and write in their books to remind them of important social skills to support school success.


  • Teachers may wish to demonstrate each step of folding and cutting for younger children and those with special needs.
  • Identifying and discussing everyday social skills can help children become aware of positive social behaviors. This awareness can help them develop proficiency with these skills. Role-playing both positive and ineffective social skills can emphasize the u
  • Other classroom social skills to practice may include: ask for help, say thank you, join class discussions, and complete assignments. Adults guide children to identify concrete steps to follow to be successful with each skill. Identify decisions to make, self-questioning ideas, and physical actions that can help children succeed with each school skill. Display them on student-made posters or on other visual reminders.