Deep Sea Detectives

Deep Sea Detectives

Discover the wonders that lie under the sea! Go on a research expedition to find out more about the underwater world.

  • 1.

    Salt water covers nearly three quarters of the earth. The plants and animals underwater are as plentiful and diverse as what we see on land. The ocean is still vastly unexplored and new species are discovered each year.

  • 2.

    Pretend you are a marine biologist. Select an ocean animal to research. What does this creature look like? How does it live? What does it eat? Use a piece of construction paper to record your findings on a fact sheet.

  • 3.

    Based on your research, draw a realistic picture of your sea animal. Cut out the picture. Create a habitat “aquarium” for your animal using a recycled glass or plastic container. Give the container a watery appearance using Crystal Effects Window Markers.

  • 4.

    Place the animal in the aquarium. Add additional recycled household items or illustrations you create to embellish the aquarium. Try to make your animal and its environment as realistic as possible.

  • 5.

    Present the poster and aquarium to your class. Share the information you have learned through this underwater adventure!


  • Students gather information on an ocean animal’s appearance and lifestyle.
  • Students create a fact sheet based on their research.
  • Students draw a realistic picture of the ocean animal and place it in a recycled material aquarium diorama.
  • Student’s orally present their findings to a peer group.


  • How does our life on land impact the oceans? Gather information on how our lifestyle on land impacts the sea. Create a list of ways we can help to preserve our planet’s oceans.
  • Visit a local aquarium to see underwater life up close. Draw a picture of your favorite animal.
  • Get inspired by the sea! Write a haiku about ocean life.
  • Assessment: Verify the accuracy of the information gathered. Compare the features of the sculpture to the pictures to see if the representation is realistic.